Would You Buy This Book?

Death to Deadlines: Gamification and Other Subversive Thoughts on Formal Education

With any luck at all, this book will save you countless hours heading down rabbit holes.

a rabbit hole

While you might find something wonderful in those rabbit holes, this book will get you started on your path to understanding gamification and ways to avoid some of the pitfalls that might ensnare you.

 a rabbit hole - from the inside

We often talk about the value of inquiry-based teaching in Education, but how often do we, as educators, apply the same ideas to us and our own work? How often do we actually “walk the talk”?

I’ve been teaching for 40 years now. In that time, I both fell into and willingly headed down a great many rabbit holes.

I suppose that many people begin to take a longer view of their work once they’ve been doing it for as long as I have, and I’m no different. Some years back, in parallel with my going all in with my gamified approach, I began to ask some fairly fundamental “What If” questions. Such as, “What would happen if I DIDN’T have deadlines for the work in my classes?

Some of the answers I found surprised even me.

This book outlines some of the rabbits holes I've been down and what I discovered there.

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