When you stumble, they say just pick yourself up and .....

So, here we are, THREE years after my last post, and look what I've written … almost nothing (see something I DID do below). :-P

Oh well; it seems I am most motivated to do this when I am actually doing this….. as in, when I am teaching. I haven't been teaching since the pandemic began, and I haven't been writing (much) either.

But, I am trying again.

I decided to switch the order of the books around - the “collected” essays will be first.
It is closest to being done, and the least like a how-to.
The second is now the practical guide.
The third will be the “academic” volume, suitable for use as a textbook.

I will try and post regular updates an teasers, so please stay tuned….

One thing I did do is publish my table distinguishing gamification, from game-based learning, from serious games, …. This chart will go in (possibly all) of my books, but for now, if you want to cite it in something you are doing, you can do it this way:

Becker, K. (2021). What’s the difference between gamification, serious games, educational games,and game-based learning? Academia Letters, Article 209. https://doi.org/10.20935/AL209

The image is also on the landing page of this site.

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